Ambient Geothermal in Grand Forks Area Geothermal

Here at Ambient Geothermal, we offer the Grand Forks Area area with the finest in WaterFurnace brand geothermal products and solutions. We are proud to be WaterFurnace's preferred choice as a highly qualified provider in the Grand Forks Area community. Our geothermal resource center has a lot of information on the benefits of what a geothermal solution has to offer. Whatever your needs are, routine maintenance, equipment repair, or a complete comfort system, our highly qualified staff has the expertise to help. Want to cut your costs up to 70% on heating, cooling and hot water costs? Then let us build you a geothermal solution that utilizes the clean, green, renewable energy stored in your backyard.

Why Choose a WaterFurnace Solution?

WaterFurnace continues to be one of the industry's leading manufacturers because, year after year, they have sold more geothermal systems for homes and residences than any of their competitors. Why? It is due to their company's core values being built on innovation, quality, and a wholehearted commitment to having the best possible customer support. WaterFurnace dealers and installers are among the most highly trained professionals in the business. It is because of these qualities that WaterFurnace has become the top choice for selecting residential geothermal systems and products. Be among the first on your block to reap the savings from a system that is "Smarter from the Ground Up."

We are you GeoPro Dealer!

To server you better, we have partnered with WaterFurnace to bring you more of what you want. Being a GeoPro Dealer means that we are the best of the best. Our team has gone though rigorous training to make sure your geothermal system is installed correctly, the first time. To earn this award, our team has gone though years of training to gain the experience that delivers the best to you. (WaterFurnace doesn't had this out to every dealer!) 

We Partner with EnerBank for Financing.

 EnerBank is focused on contractors and their business, what this means for you is better rates, faster turn around, and quicker installation of your new geothermal unit. With an A+ rating from the BBB, you are sure to get the funding you need, with great service.

To find out more about our complete line of energy-saving geothermal products for the Grand Forks Area area, contact Ambient Geothermal today.