Homeowner - Pembina

"Geothermal is working great, kept us nice and warm all winter – we used it above 70 degrees a lot with the new baby and all and it never missed a beat. Really like the soft start, even with the compressor starting the startup is quieter than our regular furnace and we get no dimming of the lights. Best part of all is our power bills were under $100 all winter. Real pleased with the neat and tidy workmanship as well, couldn’t have asked for better. Working with you and your guys was a pleasure. I think everyone around here should have geothermal with the price of fuel or propane and the cold we get. Really looking forward to a geothermal cooled summer as well."

Homeowner - Crary

"I am a new owner of 6-ton vertical closed loop heat pump system that serves a 6300 sq. ft. home in North Dakota. The system was installed on September 2, 2014. My wife and I are extremely pleased with the system for the following reasons: The heat is evenly distributed and comfortable throughout the home unlike the propane and electric resistance heat we previously used. The savings so far have been approximately 50 percent even though our system was only designed for upstairs (3300 ft) and we are using electric resistance downstairs (3000 ft) along with propane as backup. In addition, we have been pleased with the service we have received from the installer team at Ambient Geothermal.

Daryl B.

"I know that geothermal is what I recommend to all those I know that are looking either to replace an existing system, or are building a new home. Keep up the great work and thanks for being there for us." Thank You "Ambient Geothermal"!

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