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At Ambient Geothermal, we are experts in WaterFurnace geothermal heating and cooling systems. Warren residents know we offer...
  • the best geothermal systems in the industry today
  • top-quality geothermal installation and maintenance
  • the kind of support that helps them realize the complete comfort and energy-savings expected from a geothermal system (Our Geothermal Savings Calculator will give you potential monetary benefits. We believe you like what you see!)
In Warren, Minnesota, we're unmistakably the geothermal heating and cooling contractor to call. Contact Ambient Geothermal today.
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"I am a new owner of 6-ton vertical closed loop heat pump system that serves a 6300 sq. ft. home in North Dakota. T...
- Homeowner - Crary
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About Ambient Geothermal

Ambient Geothermal has provided Grand Forks - Fargo Area geothermal heating and cooling solutions for many years. We proudly offer Grand Forks - Fargo Area WaterFurnace geothermal systems and stand behind our quality work and products. Call us at Ambient Geothermal today. We are ready to bring you into the Grand Forks - Fargo Area geothermal family.

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